Sunday, November 6, 2011

New York City Marathon (NYCM) tracking and results

In the following link the tracking of the 6th November 2011 New York City Marathon, which started at 9.30am: 2011 New York Marathon searchable results, while below you can find the 2011 New York Marathon top male finishers ranking and 2011 New York Marathon top women finishers ranking.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Lago Maggiore Marathon: enrollments numbers and few information

This Sunday October 16th, the Lake Maggiore will see more than thousands runners participating to the first edition of the Lago Maggiore International Marathon (LMM). This is the brother event of the more famous Lago Maggiore Half marathon, which is already in the top 10 Half Marathons in Italy. Although it is new, the LMM marathon is already recognized by AIMS as international competition, and it is a Boston Marathon Qualifier.

The course will see the departure and arrival from Arona, Verbania Pallanza, and will run  along the lake so dear to Stendhal. The new Lake Maggiore Marathon will be characterized by a particularly impressive track, full of panoramic points that will surely relieve the fatigue of the runners.

As curiosity, this is not the first time that a long run competition will take place Arona and Verbania: at the beginning of last century we had the so called Marathon "Arona - Pallanza", about 41 km. Dorando Pietri, the great athlete from Carpi, who later became famous at the London Olympics of 1908, was at the starting line but was forced to retire.

On Sunday, this link will be the one where to check the 2011 Lago Maggiore Marathon results.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

October 9th: Results for Chicago Marathon and all others

Some of the world's top runners are participating today to the third largest Marathon in the world, Chicago 2011 Marathon, which is expecting a projected field of about 37,000.
Kenyan Moses Mosop won in 2h05:37, beating the Chicago's best timing. It is interesting to know that Mosop run today his second marathon after a stunning debut at the Boston Marathon this April, where he finished 4 seconds behind Geoffrey Mutai.
2011 Chicago Marathon live tracking is available at the link above, while this link indicates the 2011 Chicago Marathon leaderboard.

At 2011 Munich Marathon, winners were both German, Richard Friedrich in 2h19 and Bernadette Pichlmaier in 2h38, with around 4600 crossing the finish line. In Eindhoven, one of the fastest marathon track, 11 Kenyans arrived in the first 14 places, with Jafred Kipchumba completing the 26.1 miles in 2h05:46. Another interesting result was at Carpi Ferrari Italian marathon, where another Kenyan, Nicolas Kurgat won the competition in 2h08:36. 937 runners completed the run. At the Lake Garda International marathon, we saw a significant reduction of participants (1390 in 2010 vs. 965 this year), winner was again Pietro Colnaghi in 2h31 minutes.

Since few readers are interested to see the full results for the week-end, you can find below the ranking for the different competitions this Sunday October 9th 2011:
2011 Chicago Marathon results (live tracking and results),
2011 Munich Marathon (live tracking and results),

2011 Portland Marathon (live tracking),
2011 Lake Garda International Marathon,
2011 Carpi International Marathon,
2011 Eindhoven Marathon results (in Dutch)
2011 Melbourne Marathon (live tracking).

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Prague, Trieste and all the other marathons results this weekend May 8th 2011

Please note that results of today's worldwide marathons are at the bottom of this post.

Several competitions are taking place this week-end around the world. Surely, the biggest one for the week-end is Prague Marathon Prague, with more than 5000 people enrolled. 
According to the organizers, "the Volkswagen Prague Marathon has been voted one of the most beautiful marathon courses in the world". The marathon allows to "run alongside a river and meandering through the heart of a medieval capital city... The race starts and finishes on the famous Old Town Square and takes runners through all the different neighbourhoods of the wonderful city of Prague."

Another important marathon running this week-end is the Düsseldorf Metro Marathon that, according to the website, represents "an exceptionally attractive, nearly mediterrean course alongside the river Rhine, a tremendously responsive audience and an impressively supporting program full of a carnival-like atmosphere has characterized the new city-marathon of Düsseldorf, the provincial capital of North Rhine-Westphalia". 

This Sunday there will also a low-cost marathon in Macedonia, the "Skopje Marathon", that with 6.5 euro entrance fee, does not attract yet more than hundreds runners, mostly international. Around 400 runners participated to the 2011 Edition of the Martin Fiz Marathon, in Vitoria-Gastaiz in the Basque country in Northest Spain.
In Italy, there are 2 concurrent events with around 1000 runners participating. On one hand the Trieste Bavisela Marathon, in Trieste, a city and seaport in the Northest of Italy. As described by Wikipedia, Trieste has been "built mostly on a hillside that becomes a mountain, Trieste's urban territory is situated at the foot of an imposing escarpment that comes down abruptly from the Kras Plateau towards the sea". Trieste Marathon is a great experience, you can read more about it at the 2008 Trieste Marathon live experience and 2009 Trieste Marathon live experienceFinally, one of the best organized marathon took place this week-end in the center of Italy, Collemar Marathon, in the Marche region. No big names have been invited to the competition (but Migidio Bourifa, the first Worldwide Master, 14th at the 2011 Boston Marathon is participating), since the idea is to spend the energies for the normal runners. Collemar is becoming bigger in term of interest, if you want to read about previous experience, you can read the Collemar Marathon Live Experience.

Since few readers are interested to see the full results, you can find below the ranking for the different competitions this Sunday May 8th 2011:

Sunday, May 1, 2011

2011 Big Sur and Vancouver Marathon results

During this week-end two main marathons are taking place in the world, Big Sur and Vancouver.

Since few readers are interested to see the full results, you can find below the ranking for the different competitions this Sunday May 1st 2011:

Monday, April 18, 2011

2011 Boston Marathon tracking and results

Please note that if you want to see the 2012 Boston Marathon tracking, you can look at the following link.

In the following link the tracking of the 115th edition of the Boston Marathon, which started at 9.30am on April 18th 2011: 115th Boston Marathon searchable results. In the following link, you can find the 2011 Boston Marathon top finishers ranking

In the female marathon, the Kenian Caroline Kilel won in 2h22:36, beating the American Desiree Davila (2h22:39), who improved by 3 minutes and 40 seconds the former PB and impressed all audience in TV and at the Boston Marathon.
In the male competition, Kenian Geoffrey Mutai did the world record in 2h03:02 (indicated initially as 2h03:00). It is also to be noticed that Moses Mosop beat the record for the best Marathon debut in 2h03:06. He had a personal best at the Stramilano Half Marathon in 59:20. Gebre Gebremariam, winner of the New York Marathon in November 2010, arrived third. Finally, American Ryan Hall beat his personal best by 1 minute 20 seconds, in 2h04:58, resulting as all time best marathon time for an American runner.

Below the link for intermediate splits:
(*) = info already available, top runners have reached the split point.
Leading Men at 5k (*)
Leading Men at 10k (*)
Leading Men at 15k (*)
Leading Men at 20k (*)
Leading Men at half (*)
Leading Men at 25k (*)
Leading Men at 30k (*)
Leading Men at 35k (*)
Leading Men at 40k (*)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Marathon's runners celebration: results at the most important worldwide Marathon on April 17th 2011

Please note that results of today's worldwide marathons are at the bottom of this post.

Let's start today's post with a sorrow note. Unfortunately the Nagano Olympic Commemorative Marathon this year will not take place. Considering the seriousness of the disaster at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, the Nagano Marathon Organizing Committee has decided to cancel the 13th marathon race which usually takes place in the third week of April. Good news is that the marathon will contribute to help the local population in Fukushima, since the organizers donated the total entry fee of 76 million yen (from 8,973 runners) to support the disaster area.

However, this week-end is clearly a runners' celebration, since several competitions are taking place across the globe. London, Madrid and Vienna are the three big marathons for this week-end, with the 115th edition of the Boston Marathon taking place on Monday April 18th. There are also additional marathon events and we believe that more than 70 thousands runners will complete a marathon this week-end.

The most important one is the London Marathon that, due to Easter holidays, has been brought back be one week. London is the second largest marathon in the world after NYCM, and clearly one of the fastest. London is a flat course around the River Thames and finishes at The Mall closed to St James' Palace. 36,553 athletes reached the finish line in 2010. This year the London Marathon is sponsored by Virgin Money and is at the thirdy-first edition. 
This Sunday there will also be the "Maraton de Madrid", which is at the thirty-eighth edition and takes place through the streets of the beautiful Spanish capital. Last year 8,292 runners arrived at the finish line, representing the 30th place in the world ranking. 
Haile Gebreselassie, source: IAAF
Also on the 17th of April, there is the Vienna Marathon, in a romantic and charming city, with the marathon route passing through the landmarks of the city. Runners today could listen to nice classical music. Last year in Vienna 5,031 runners completed the 26.2 miles, representing the 60th place in the world ranking. Ethiopian marathon world record holder, Haile Gebreselassie will participate to the Vienna half marathon. At the Zurich Marathon, which is the 93rd worldwide marathon in term of runners, we will see the participation of former professional cyclist Laurent Dufaux and the world Ironing champion. Last year 3,169 runners completed the Zurich Marathon route, where runners can see the beautiful Lake Zurich. Moreover, last year in Padua, Italy, 1,875 runners arrived in Prato della Valle at the Saint Antonio Marathon, representing the 8th largest marathon in Italy and one of the top 200 in the world. There are also Cracovia Marathon (top 96th in the world ranking in 2010), Belgrade Marathon and Antwerp Marathon, to complete the list of the marathon running on the 17th of April. Finally, another interesting event took place today in Nice, the "Nice Semi marathon", Nice Half marathon, with the second part of the race very close to the sea, with more than  more than 10 thousand athletes running at the Promenade des Anglais.

Since few readers are interested to see the full results, you can find below the ranking for the different competitions this Sunday April 17th 2011:
2011 London Marathon results,
2011 Vienna Marathon results,
2011 Madrid Marathon results,
2011 Zurich Marathon results,
2011 Padua (Padova) Marathon results,
2011 Antwerp Marathon Ranking, (*)
2011 Belgrade Banca Intesa Marathon results,
2011 Cracovia Marathon Ranking,
2011 Nice Half Marathon Ranking.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Results at the 11th edition of the 2011 Milan City Marathon

More than 10,000 runners have participated to the 11th edition of the Milan City Marathon.

At this link you can find the results at the 11th edition of the Milan Marathon: 2011 Milan City Marathon Ranking.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Results for this week three big running events in Italy: Stramilano half Marathon, Treviso and Ferrara Marathon

During last week of March 2011, three major events are relevant for International runners willing to run in Italy.

First of all, the second largest half marathon in the country, Stramilano, takes place this morning at 10:45am from Piazza Duomo. This is the 40th edition and more than 5,200 runners participated to the competitive race, a figure that is 35% higher than previous year, where however Stramilano faced competition with Scarpadoro in the nearby Vigevano. The result was interesting from a performance perspective: 31 athletes finished before 70 minutes, and the Kenian winner Kisorio Mathew Kipkoech just reached the finish line 3 seconds after 1 hour from the start. On the other side, around 50,000 took part to the non competitive one.

Moreover, the 8th edition of the Treviso Marathon took also place. Almost 3000 runners have enrolled to this  edition, and 2186 completed the competition. Clearly Treviso has a downhill route, allowing the possibility to generate personal best. The Maroccan Nasef Ahmed won in 2h13:06 seconds, while the first Italian Francesco Bona who represents the new Italian running hope for the 2012 Olympics Games in London, arrived third and improved his personal best by 2 minutes. Finally, after 1 year stop, the Ferrara Marathon started back with a different route, inside the city that has been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. The athletes had the chance to run inside the Castello Estense, very closed to the finish line in the center of the city. 636 runners completed the 26.2 miles in Ferrara, with the Kenian Biwott Zakayo Kipsang arriving in 2h25:06 seconds.

Since few readers are interested to see the full results, you can find below this morning results:

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Results at the 17th Edition of the Rome Marathon

Today at 9 am in Via dei Fori Imperiali, Rome Mayor Gianni Alemanno gave the start to the seventeenth edition of the Rome Marathon started. 
Mr Alemanno has evoked a "feeling of solidarity with the people of Japan and in l'Aquila that we must never forget".
On stage, before departure, the Italian flag and Japan hit by earthquake and radioactivity. 
At the start of the race, to which about 16 000 athletes took part, there was also ambassador to Tokyo. 
It is interesting to notice that the four Km non-competitive race, more than 100 000 runners participated to the event.

The Kenyan Kiptolo Chumbe Dixon won the Rome Marathon with a time of 2h08'44. Chumbe, representing the 10th Kenian winning the competition, arrived before the Ethiopian Amda Siraj Gena (2h09'21") winner at the 2010 edition, which was followed by fellow Dawit Shami Abdulahi (2h09'42") and Tekeste Nekatibeb (2h10'17").

At this stage, we cannot comment on the final number of runners who arrived at the Coliseum. We will update the article with statistical analysis later on.

Since few readers are interested to see the full results, you can find below the ranking for the 17th edition of the Rome Marathon: 2011 Rome Marathon Ranking.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rome Marathon 17th edition on internet

At 9:00 am this Sunday March 20th, the most important Italian marathon will depart. If you are not one of the 16000 runners that will participate to the competition, you still have a chance at least to see what you missed. The Rome Marathon can be watched on Internet through the Broadcasting from the Italian Television, at the Rome Marathon Live Internet link.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sixteen thousand marathoners at the 17th edition of the 2011 Rome Marathon

This article is freely adapted from several press releases of the Rome Marathon.

After a significant effort to promote the event and with the Road Race IAAF Gold label, the Rome Marathon will depart on Sunday March 20th 2011, 
in via Fori Imperiali.

16,188 runners enrolled from 84 different countries, of which 9,147 are Italian, while 7,041 are international runners. Sixteen thousand runners represents a new high record for the Rome marathon, 5% higher than the previous edition.
This figure also represents the highest number of participants ever for an Italian marathon. 

On the international enrollment side, France confirms its first place with 1335 runners 
(+6% more against 2010), ahead of Germany, England, Spain and the United States. 
In the top ten foreign countries, Canada entered at the sixth place, while Denmark (tenth).
Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland are completing the ranking.

This year’s edition is labeled “Road Race IAAF Gold Label” for the first time. The IAAF Gold label is the most prestigious label awarded by the International Association of Athletics 
Federation. With this award, the Rome Marathon entered the top 16 marathon list, while last year it was the 17th largest competition in the world.

Both participants and the international media have always defined the route of 
the Rome Marathon “the most scenic in the world”.  The 2011 course is he 
traditional one, turning in via Ostiense after the first kilometers and back into the 
city centre at the end. The start line is in  via dei Fori Imperiali;  the route 
continues on to piazza Venezia, turns into via del Teatro Marcello, via dei Cerchi, 
via Ostiense, St. Paul’s Basilica, viale Marconi, Porta Portese, then stretches on 
all along the Lungotevere towards the Synagogue, the Ara Pacis, piazza Cavour, 
St. Peter’s Square near the Vatican; then back to the Lungotevere and to Foro 
Italico, one of the legendary places of the 1960’s  Rome Olympics. The route 
continues toward the  Mosque,  via Ripetta,  piazza Navona,  largo di Torre 
Argentina,  via del Corso, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza di Spagna, the Trevi 
Fountain, piazza Venezia, via di San Gregorio, (where the finish line of the 1960’s Olympic marathon was), the Colosseo, and, finally, the finish line in via dei Fori 
Imperiali. The route stretches along more than  500 places of high historical, 
archeological, religious and architectural significance.  

The Rome Marathon has probably organized the best world pasta party,
in cooperation with "Gragnano in Corsa", a superb pasta-brand from Gragnano (Naples), the world's capital of pasta. The pasta party will take place at the Marathon Village on Friday 18 and Saturday 19, from 11am to 7pm.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Results at the 37th Roma Ostia Half Marathon and at 11th Verdi Marathon

This sunday eleven thousand runners has  participated at the 37th edition of the most popular half marathon in Italy, Roma-Ostia, and the second largest running event in the country.

At the same time, a much smaller and cozy competition, the Verdi Marathon, has seen more than 1000 runners at the starting line.
Below you can find the results for the 2 competitions:
Roma Ostia 2011 results
Verdi marathon 2011 results

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Results at the 11th edition of the Verona Marathon

More than 2,000 runners have started this morning from Verona at the 11th edition of the Marathon. At this time (2pm) already 1,529 have completed the race, still representing the top   The first runner completing the marathon was the Kenian Albert Kiplagat, with the excellent timing of 2h09:16, improving his personal best by 20 seconds. At the half marathon, 3,303 runners arrived at the finish line, representing still one of the top 3 half marathon in Italy.

Below you can find the link to the 2011 Verona marathon results. The same link indicates also the results for the Romeo and Giulietta Half Marathon.

Friday, February 18, 2011

15 days to the Lago Maggiore Half Marathon (*)

With the ending of the second phase of the enrollment for the 4th edition of the Lago Maggiore Half Marathon ("LMHM"), we can finally provide statistics about participation to this fascinating competition that will be held on March 6 2011. It looks like that this "brand new" race will be competing to the top league of half Marathon in Italy: the number of enrollment at the end of January were already 1,570 which represents as an increase of about 13% compared to last year. If the trend continues, the LMHM will become in the top 7 of the Italian league for Half Marathon.
This year the LMHM course starts from Stresa and goes to Verbania, and it will be all along the Lake Maggiore, providing to the runners one of the most beautiful and evocative of the world. This explains the success of the competition. Finally, LMHM is also very fast. On the same course in 2009 (each year there will be swap from departure and arrival), all three best timing in Italy have been performed on the lake: the Tanzanian Ezekiel Jafari Ngimba completed the 2009 competition with the best  time of 1h00'41", followed by the Kenyans Jacob Kiplagat Yator (1h00'43") and David Kemboi Kiyeng (1h00'44 ").

"Registration continues quite well - said Paul Otto, Chairman of Sport PRO-MOTION - and we are comforted by the comparison, far more positive, with last year. There are all premises that we can break the 2010 record of runners."
The number of subscriptions is also function of the increase of international runners. Runners from 25 countries have already enrolled: from Australia, France, Great Britain, Greece, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary and the USA, to Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Ethiopia, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, Romania, Slovakia and Spain.
Obviously the Italian athletes are the most numerous, followed by Swiss runners: there are 44 members so far in fact the Swiss athletes. Moreover, in Italy, there are only 4 regions that are not yet been represented: Umbria, Abruzzo, Molise, Calabria.

It is worthwhile to notice that on the 16th of October there will also be the first edition of the Lago Maggiore Marathon (stay tuned for the details...)

(*) adapted and enriched from the original Italian document on the site. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

1 week before the 10th edition of the Verona Marathon (and half marathon)

From the website of the Verona Marathon, you can find an interesting article describing why it is interesting to run the Verona Marathon next week, Sunday February 20th. This is one of the first important running event and more than 7,000 runners will participate, either to the marathon (expected 2,000 runners at the finish line) or to the Half Marathon (expected 4,000 runners). Both events are in the top 10 in Italy, with the half marathon in the podium (the website indicates in 2010 the Giulietta & Romeo half Marathon was second after the Rome-Ostia, but they were closer with StraMilano). If you are competing in Verona next week, you can take a look at the Verona marathon course or at the Verona Half marathon course. Due to the number of runners, there will be corrals at the starting line, with 4 different colors (yellow for top runners, orange for the first grid, green for the second and light-blue for the last one). The organization has foreseen refreshements every 5km, starting at km 15th, with 6 different tables, the first for the top runners, in the second one runners can find still waters, in the third one Gatorade, in the fourth one hot tea, in the fifth one bananas, in the last one biscuits. There will be pacemakers from 2h45, every 15 minutes till 5h, plus the 6h pacemakers. The Marathon will start at 9am, while the half marathon at 10:15am.
If you are interested to understand how the marathon looks like, you can read the Verona Marathon live experience.
O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?’ is undoubtedly one of the most renowned Shakespearean lines. Thanks to the major British poet, the city of Verona has become the city of love and passion, where the most famous love affair of all time was set. However, since 2001 Verona is also the place every runner loves. In the last ten years, in fact, Verona has been hosting the Verona Marathon, an amazing and exciting international running event across the old city centre and the city’s suburbs. The 10th edition of the 42,195 km running race is taking place on 20th February, 2011 and it will kick off and close beside the Verona Arena, the Roman amphitheatre worldwide known for the large-scale opera, music and theatre performances hosted there since ancient times. The 2011 Verona Marathon event comprises also the Romeo and Juliet Half Marathon, along a stunning course that touches some of the most beautiful corners in the heart of Verona. Both races are IAAF (International Association Athletics Federation), AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races) and FIDAL (Italian Federation of Athletics) officially recognised races. Last year’s Romeo and Juliet Half Marathon ranked third among Italy’s most popular half marathons with almost 4.000 participants.For those who aim to take part in the 2011 Verona Marathon event in a funnier and more relaxed way, the Family Run non competitive race brings together youngsters and families on a 13, 7 or 4 km course, exploring the beauty of Verona.Registrations to the 2011 Verona Marathon and the Romeo and Juliet Half Marathon are already closed. Entries for the Family Run event will be open until Sunday 20 February (fees: €5,00 – free children under 10 years of age).In 2000 Verona was listed as a World Heritage site by the UNESCO Committee and for the tenth time next February it’ll be invaded by runners of every level and nationality. Last year, over 6.500 people took part in the event. One of the targets for this year’s competition is to break this record, and the organizing committee led by Verona Marathon GAAC 2007 ASD along with the Verona Municipal Sports Bureau, is confident to welcome to their city a huge number of competitors and running lovers next month. Because Verona has always been the perfect place for every kind of …lovers.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

2010 ranking for Italian Marathons preferred by International Runners

The objective of this website is to provide useful information for international runners, who would like to participate to Italian Marathons. In the last 2 years, we have provided several rankings, with the goal to give a sizing on the Italian marathons and half-marathons. 
The interesting ranking below provides information on how many international runners participate to Italian Marathons. The key idea is to indicate how prepared is the organizer of the different races to take care of international requests. No surprise: there is a strict correlation between the complete ranking and this one. Around 10,000 international runners decided to compete in Italy in 2010, this represents 22% on the total number of runners participating to Italian Marathons (the february edition of the monthly magazine "Correre" indicated that 34,100 were the number of Italian runners participating at least to 1 marathon). The top 3 marathons, Rome, Florence, and Venice captured more than 80% of the total international runners in Italy. However, it is worthwhile to notice that at least 2 marathons have higher ranking for international runners. First, the Trieste marathon has more than 28% of international runners: only Rome, Florence and Venice have better percentages. Second, Palermo marathon at the end of November, with incredible weather above 15 degrees, is able to attract an high number of international runners and has a ratio of 27%. 

Below you can find the ranking for the top Italian marathons, based on numbers of international runners. Please note that the ranking refers only to the most recent marathon, while former edition might have got higher participations. 24 Marathons had more than 10 international participants.


1. Rome Marathon: international runners 4550
(Mar 21 2010, Ranking Rome Marathon 2010)

2. Florence Marathon: international runners 2118
(Nov 28 2010, Ranking Florence Marathon 2010)

3. Venice Marathon: international runners 1350
(Oct 25 2010, Ranking Venice Marathon 2010)

4: Lake Garda Marathon: international runners 404
(Oct 10 2010, Ranking Lake Garda Marathon 2010)

5. Milan City Marathoninternational runners 402
(Apr 11 2010, Ranking Milan Marathon 2010)

6. Trieste Marathon: international runners 175

7. Turin Marathon: international runners 153
(Nov 11 2010, Ranking Turin Marathon 2010)

8. Padua Marathon: international runners 127
(Apr 25 2010, 
Ranking Padua Marathon 2010)

9. Verona Marathon: international runners 123
(Feb 21 2010, Ranking Verona Marathon 2010)

10. Carpi Ferrari Italian Marathon: international runners 114
(Oct 10 2010, 
Ranking Ferrari Marathon 2010)

TOP 20:

11. South Tirol Marathoninternational runners 103
(Oct 3 2010, 
ST Marathon 2010)

12. Treviso Marathon: international runners 77

13. Palermo Marathon: international runners 52
(Nov 21 2010, 
Ranking Brianza Marathon 2010)

Reggio Emilia: international runners 39
(Dec 12 2010, Ranking Reggio Emilia Marathon 2010)

15. Piceno Marathon: international runners 34
(May 16 2010, Ranking Piceno Marathon 2010)

16. Mugello Marathoninternational runners 33
(Oct 30 2010Mugello Marathon 2010

17. Lucca Marathon: international runners 28

18. Messina Marathon: international runners 27
19. Custoza Marathon: international runners 19

20. Livorno Marathon: international runners 19
(Nov 14 2010, Livorno Marathon 2010 Ranking)

TOP 30:

21. Naples Marathon: international runners 16
(Apr 18 2010, 
Naples Marathon 2010)

Trasimeno Lake Marathon: international runners 13
(Mar 7 2010, Trasimeno 2010)

Colle Marathon, from Barchi to Fano: international runners 11
24. Placentia Marathon: international runners 11 


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