Saturday, May 7, 2011

Prague, Trieste and all the other marathons results this weekend May 8th 2011

Please note that results of today's worldwide marathons are at the bottom of this post.

Several competitions are taking place this week-end around the world. Surely, the biggest one for the week-end is Prague Marathon Prague, with more than 5000 people enrolled. 
According to the organizers, "the Volkswagen Prague Marathon has been voted one of the most beautiful marathon courses in the world". The marathon allows to "run alongside a river and meandering through the heart of a medieval capital city... The race starts and finishes on the famous Old Town Square and takes runners through all the different neighbourhoods of the wonderful city of Prague."

Another important marathon running this week-end is the Düsseldorf Metro Marathon that, according to the website, represents "an exceptionally attractive, nearly mediterrean course alongside the river Rhine, a tremendously responsive audience and an impressively supporting program full of a carnival-like atmosphere has characterized the new city-marathon of Düsseldorf, the provincial capital of North Rhine-Westphalia". 

This Sunday there will also a low-cost marathon in Macedonia, the "Skopje Marathon", that with 6.5 euro entrance fee, does not attract yet more than hundreds runners, mostly international. Around 400 runners participated to the 2011 Edition of the Martin Fiz Marathon, in Vitoria-Gastaiz in the Basque country in Northest Spain.
In Italy, there are 2 concurrent events with around 1000 runners participating. On one hand the Trieste Bavisela Marathon, in Trieste, a city and seaport in the Northest of Italy. As described by Wikipedia, Trieste has been "built mostly on a hillside that becomes a mountain, Trieste's urban territory is situated at the foot of an imposing escarpment that comes down abruptly from the Kras Plateau towards the sea". Trieste Marathon is a great experience, you can read more about it at the 2008 Trieste Marathon live experience and 2009 Trieste Marathon live experienceFinally, one of the best organized marathon took place this week-end in the center of Italy, Collemar Marathon, in the Marche region. No big names have been invited to the competition (but Migidio Bourifa, the first Worldwide Master, 14th at the 2011 Boston Marathon is participating), since the idea is to spend the energies for the normal runners. Collemar is becoming bigger in term of interest, if you want to read about previous experience, you can read the Collemar Marathon Live Experience.

Since few readers are interested to see the full results, you can find below the ranking for the different competitions this Sunday May 8th 2011:

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