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2009 Turin Marathon: a live experience

This post describes a live experience for the April 2009 Turin Marathon and gives you insight of what it is really look like. Below you can find an English translation from the original Turin Marathon live experience live experience. The blogger Sarah and her running site is well-know in the Italian blogosphere, and you are more than welcome to contact her for additional details on running in Turin.
The next Turin Marathon, the 25th edition, will take place November 13 2011. She will be there!

On the eve of the marathon. Few runners shown up at the expo, you can immediately recognize just by looking runners at a certain level. This Turin Marathon looks pretty "Spartan", without the same warm welcome as the major marathons in Rome or Florence. Since I had big meal at lunch and stomach upside down and because fuel already exists, I decided to go to bed without supper.I was awakened during the night by the sound of rain, as before the Florence Marathon. I must admit that I have no desire to run under the water, but Oh well, I think of what to wear, and this time I turned away and I sleep a peaceful sleep.

The first part of the Marathon. I find myself in my peace, in the rain, waiting for the go. We are really few, but Turin is truly beautiful, and also everything for ourselves.The marathon starts, my password is caution. My fear is that a crisis can be fatal to me in such a day. The large streets in the city leaves space to roads between fields of Turin province. I got extremely warm welcome from people of Moncalieri (left), Nichelino, Beinasco and Orbassano.

Despite the persistent rain, all on the road, with the band playing, the applause, the children who give five (and I always give five to kids), the fans are great. To the sponge, shout "dry sponge in the middle" I thought it was a joke to defuse, but it was true ...Between green fields and expanses of yellow rape, in a peaceful place, it begins the ascent to Rivoli, where countless flow of waters running down to meet runners. Very nice, although a few miles uphill in the middle of a marathon is not appreciated by all.

The second part of the Marathon. The peak at 28km, from here the road is straight across. Corso Francia brings us back in the city center. Let's be careful before boldly enthusiasms: first we must pass the 30th, then the 35th, and only then, if there's more, you can leave. The balloons of the 4h15' pacers are left behind and we do not see other balloons horizon. After 2 kilometers downhill, it starts suddenly the harder part, physically and mentally. Rain insists, I turn the visor of his cap backward because it is heavy, soaked with water, and I feel the pain of having to hold my head up. Now is the wind to meet the runners, slamming the drops of rain on their faces weary. A runner is in trouble, do not stand on his feet, is supported by two men who led him away. I am wondering how is the feeling, he is dressed only with a single vest and shorts in such cold, I hope he will recover fast. Then it come the 35th, I get a drink with some stomach discomfort and some dizziness: it's time to take the reins of the mind, trying to escape. I begin to look forward for a hot shower and started getting compliments. Ending such marathon it could be great achievement. And I take control.

The grand finale. On the stroke of 38th, my mind brought me a clear and definite thought: launch the final attack. Now there is nothing to fear, sudden change of pace, trajectory straight, hitting all the puddles that I meet. I overtake several runners almost angry at me, but I'm playing alone: 5'20'' until the end. What joy to see that finish line, and throw in Piazza Castello with my arms raised! I'm really happy, a test of survival! And even with a good time, 4h:07'17'', 3 minutes better than last in Florence, the best time of my 3 marathons.

Muscle. Yeah, the muscle contracture: he made me feel little and only for 2 or 3 kilometers, in half. Then the ascent Rivoli I have not heard. Thanks again to Mr. Fisio, who with his stretching has put me on the track!

And I'm here. I'm happy. It is nice to finish a marathon like this, feel good, and have the desire to leave, to mountains this time! I will wait a few days for a little recovery. Sooner or later it will happen to run even with the sun, I wonder if I am able :-) A warm greeting to you all, see you soon!

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