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2009 Treviso Marathon: a live experience

This post describes a live experience for the March 2009 Treviso Marathon and gives you insight of what it is really look like. Below you can find a translation from the Treviso Marathon live experience.

Treviso Marathon logoIt was supposed to be raining and indeed it was a rainy day. It was the topic on everyone's lips in the week preceding the race. I saw and heard many friends regret this before the run; it is not good to think that the work and enthusiasm of months of effort can be put into question just by the weather. The spring is late and not yet arrived. However, at the end of the day, most of the runners who have taken part at the 6th edition of the Treviso Marathon return home with a very satisfactory timing. The temperature, the route and the audience cheering runners have prompted many of them to achieve their PB.

The marathon race in my vision has three main critical moments: the waiting, which runs from the time of the gunshot, the race itself and all that happens after crossing the finish line.
Treviso Marathon ponte PriulaThe expectation of the race like that was affected by weather events, after the triumphant 2008 edition he had seen three different starts with the spectacular reunion on the Ponte Priula (right) to pay homage to the Piave and the 90th anniversary of the Great War end, this year has returned to the classic path starting in Vittorio Veneto (left) going to Treviso.
Treviso Marathon Vittorio VenetoThe departure location is excellent, large spaces, large covered parking area you can use as a dressing room, leaving a wide, straight-line that prevents clogging. Not even the difficulties associated with rain have prevented a prompt start that the captivating speaker Mutton has indicated as usually. The only suggestion, perhaps, is to increase the number of chemical baths in the area of the locker room. The facilities at the arrival areas were influenced by the big rain, everyone to search for a space to put on dry clothes, the men's locker room was dark and forbidding, showers (except for the first arrived) a chimera, the delivery of the bags in some difficult moments (there is nothing more annoying than waiting in the crowd to "conquer" his or her bag of clothes). It should be acknowledged that all employees have done their best.

The most positive note of the event goes without doubt to the track, ideal for racing, closed to traffic and guarded at every intersection, so many volunteers to caterers all elated to be part of the event. At the last service stop, I took a water sponge and bathe the head with a gesture just to pay homage to the dedication of those who played a role in those conditions absolutely unnecessary. After some bad words that we, as runners, are often forced to endure in the various events along Italy, yesterday as always happens in Venetians marathons, there was an example of sportsmanship. During the 26 miles, close to their individual houses, several fans armed with umbrella were ready to encourage and cheer as we passed even under these conditions in which the best choice would have been to stay in bed. The Treviso Marathon deserves to be run just for that.

Finally, I want to give few words about my race. I was tense and nervous ahead, emotion tied to the affection that binds me to the marathon of the Treviso region, tension due to the uncertainty of complete recovery from the fatigue of the previous Sunday in Rome. Legs felt responsive at the beginning of the race, but the real competition starts after two hours. Fatigue could affect my performance; therefore I was embarrassed in choosing to keep pace. To take me out of trouble, my friend Marco Grimaz joined me after a few meters from the start, setting a 4min/km pace, although we continued to talk. Unfortunately after few km he was forced to stop for a pit-stop and I was left alone. Then I thought about the famous saying "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" and I kept the same pace.
Treviso Marathon Piave riverSwitching to the half marathon in 1:25'45'', this was much faster than the last two races. Priula bridgeJust after half distance the beautiful scenery on the Piave (left) passage that it was mentioned (but I did not need it) from a viewer with a commanding tone ordering to hold my head high in a sign of pride and honor. Of course I did not wait to be asked twice, and on that curve that bends to the left after the Ponte Priula where you see a long straight slightly downhill I unleashed my desire to run and get there. It was a continuous flow of overtaking runners ahead of me. Here and there along the way face some friends called and urged me but the sight blurred by the rain and the concentration prevented me from responding. To all: thank you.

Treviso Marathon downtownIn progressing the km I increasingly realized that it was within my reach an excellent result and this has given me more energy I spent through the exciting conclusion in the center of Treviso, where the path gets twisty and difficult because of the pavement. I raced the last 2 km in apnea, at full throttle without saving any energy. On the finish line, the speaker Brighenti paid me the tribute quoting my name. I finally got the medal around his neck after stopping the chrono on the time of 2:51'20'', having a negative split of 10 seconds. After the race, I was first of all able to assist my teammate Anna victim of the cold despite the PB and thereafter to celebrate this day. In addition to humidity and rain today we got many satisfactions.

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