Friday, March 19, 2010

2010 Placentia Marathon: more than 2500 runners and maybe snow

According to, just one day before the fifteenth Placentia Marathon 2010 edition, the number of participants has reached the highest level, back to the 2008 edition. Over 2500 athletes have enrolled, 700 for the Marathon, 1800 for the half marathon. The departure will take place from Placentia Garilli stadium and the arrival will be in Piazza Cavalli.

This year the athletes might run the Placentia Marathon under the snow, as it was the case for the first edition in 1996, where the snow was the cause for an unexpected free advertising in magazine and TV.

All participants of the events can enjoy the usual organizational services including free storage bags, transport bags on arrival, bus service, showers and pasta party and tasting of salami and wines from the Consortia Piacentini. At the Sport Center at Polisportivo Franzanti, there will be additional areas to accommodate runners. The hand over of storage bags will be taking place at the two soccer fields adjacent to the main hall of the four tennis courts, leading to a covered and heated area of about 5000 square meters.
The event is traditionally linked to a charity for UNICEF. This year the proceeds will be used to set up facilities for the children of Congo. On the right, the evolution on the number of runners finishing the Placentia Marathon. 

The number of people who arrived in 2010 at the end of the 26.2 miles were 546, with a growth rate in the number of runners in the last 5 year of 8.1% per year.

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