Sunday, March 14, 2010

2010 Treviso marathon: more than 3000 runners at the 7th edition

At the starting point of the 7th Treviso Marathon, it has been announced more than 3000 runners, representing 22 countries. This confirms the international exposure of one of the top five Italian marathons, often associated with the New York Marathon, in term of quality of organization and attendance from street audience. The oldest marathon runner is 80 years old, while the older woman is 71 years old.

The competition for the first time after several years of growth has show a 22.1% decrease over the number of runners arrived at the finish line. Still above two thousand runners crossed the 26.2 miles finish line on the 14th of March 2010: Treviso is still the fifth marathon in Italy, but deserves for sure an higher spot.

This year all along the Treviso Marathon route, there will be several musical bands to celebrate and the runners. The initiative "Space Music @ Treviso Marathon 2010” is a musical workshop organized for the Marathon: along the first five kilometers musical bands Claymore and Tachipirinha will play, the first Hard Rock music, the latter with blues and rock'n'roll. Then African music will welcome the runners at Ponte Priula, while other bands will animate the last kilometers of the race.

Since 2008, Treviso Marathon is committed to an environmental protection project. The organizers focused on the principle that runners should act in line with environmentally sound behaviors. In areas of departure and arrival, as well as along the path of the Treviso Marathon, this year will be created of the points of collection of waste (paper, plastic, dry, glass, wet) and the materials are then disposed of according to logic maximum environmental protection.
The operators at points of refreshment and sponge stations, as well as in areas of arrival, will indeed have a yellow card, which symbolically warns athletes that do not correctly use the waste containers.

For more details on how the Treviso Marathon looks like, you can take a look at the Treviso Marathon live experience.

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