Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rome Marathon 2010: few statistics

According to the site organizing the RFID tags for all participants at the 2010 Rome Marathon, 11025 people have concluded this 16th edition. This figure represents +0.17% over last year and means that 71.8% of the enrolled participants have finished the 26.2 miles, a pretty high standard for bigger competitions. Rome (along with Paris) is indeed one of the few largest marathon in the world requiring a mandatory medical certificate to enroll in the competition (for all other marathons it is only recommended).
2010 represents the fourth year in a row where more than 10000 participants arrived at the finish line. After 2006 where we had 9956 runners crossing the finish line and 2007 with the record of 11895 runners, in 2008 10248 runners completed the marathon.

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