Sunday, October 9, 2011

October 9th: Results for Chicago Marathon and all others

Some of the world's top runners are participating today to the third largest Marathon in the world, Chicago 2011 Marathon, which is expecting a projected field of about 37,000.
Kenyan Moses Mosop won in 2h05:37, beating the Chicago's best timing. It is interesting to know that Mosop run today his second marathon after a stunning debut at the Boston Marathon this April, where he finished 4 seconds behind Geoffrey Mutai.
2011 Chicago Marathon live tracking is available at the link above, while this link indicates the 2011 Chicago Marathon leaderboard.

At 2011 Munich Marathon, winners were both German, Richard Friedrich in 2h19 and Bernadette Pichlmaier in 2h38, with around 4600 crossing the finish line. In Eindhoven, one of the fastest marathon track, 11 Kenyans arrived in the first 14 places, with Jafred Kipchumba completing the 26.1 miles in 2h05:46. Another interesting result was at Carpi Ferrari Italian marathon, where another Kenyan, Nicolas Kurgat won the competition in 2h08:36. 937 runners completed the run. At the Lake Garda International marathon, we saw a significant reduction of participants (1390 in 2010 vs. 965 this year), winner was again Pietro Colnaghi in 2h31 minutes.

Since few readers are interested to see the full results for the week-end, you can find below the ranking for the different competitions this Sunday October 9th 2011:
2011 Chicago Marathon results (live tracking and results),
2011 Munich Marathon (live tracking and results),

2011 Portland Marathon (live tracking),
2011 Lake Garda International Marathon,
2011 Carpi International Marathon,
2011 Eindhoven Marathon results (in Dutch)
2011 Melbourne Marathon (live tracking).

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