Monday, April 16, 2012

2012 Boston Marathon Results and tracking - 116th edition

In the following links you can read the tracking of the 116th edition of the Boston Marathon, which will start at 9.32am (top female) and 10:00am (top male) on April 16th 2012: 116th 2012 Boston Marathon searchable results

In the following link, you can also find the 2012 Boston Marathon top finishers ranking
Moreover, this link provides 2012 Boston Marathon athlete tracking
Finally, at the end of this article we have provided the list of the whole intermediate splits for men and women.

This year at the marathon in Boston we saw  a very competitive elite, with 8 men under 2h07 minutes as well as 10 women below 2h24 minutes. But a year after Geoffrey Mutai run the fastest marathon ever, another Kenian, Wesley Korir was the first to cross the finish line. Due to very high temperature (as temperatures rose to around 30 degrees Celsius), it was the second-slowest Boston race since 1985. Korir was the 19th Kenians winning in the last 22 years. Mutai dropped out after 18 miles with cramps.  Also the female competition was "slow", with Sharon Cherop winning in 2 hours, 31 minutes, 50 seconds. Cherop won at sprint with her compatriote Jemima Jelagat Sumgong.

The 2012 Boston Live on the Internet was available on UniversalSport. 

Below you can find the links for intermediate splits of all athletes:
(*) = info already available, top runners have reached the split point.
Leading Men at 5k (*)
Leading Men at 10k (*)
Leading Men at 15k (*)
Leading Men at 20k (*)
Leading Men at half (*)
Leading Men at 25k (*)
Leading Men at 30k (*)
Leading Men at 35k (*)
Leading Men at 40k (*)

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