Sunday, October 24, 2010

Summary statistics and results at Venice and Lucca Marathon on 10.24.2010

Two marathons have been run this 24.10.10 week-end in Italy.
As expected, the 25th edition of the Venice Marathon, with live direct in TV, Satellite and internet delivered the highest performance. 298 athletes completed the 26.2 miles before 3h, this includes one of the contributors to this blog, Margantonio. The Kenian Mukun Simon Kamama completed the Venice Marathon in 2h09:35 minutes. As you might know, there was a cap of 6000 runners this year (plus 1000 for charity), and 6289 completed the marathon, which represents 89.8% of the total enrolled runners arriving at the finish line.

At the Lucca Marathon, we have noticed a reduction of runners from the first edition, since we observed only 689 runners at the finish line. Another Kenian, Metto Kipkering arrived first, completing the marathon in 2h17:39. Only 4 international runners arrived in the first 100 places. This looks pretty low compared to the expectations. Only 17 runners were international.

Since few readers are interested to see the full results, you can find below the 24.10.2010 rankings.
Venice Marathon 10.24.2010 Ranking
Lucca Marathon 10.24.2010 Ranking

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