Monday, November 1, 2010

2010 Venice Marathon: few statistics

Number of Foreign runners arrived at the 25th Venice Marathon 
As already mentioned on former post, 6260 runners arrived at the finish line of the 25th Venice Marathon. With 7000-bibs constraint, this represents a pretty good results for this incredibly oversubscribed marathon. Out of the 6260 runners, 54 countries have been represented in Venice on October 24th 2010. 78.4% of runners were Italians, while 6.2% where French, 3.9% British and 1.6% Germans. As curiosity, less then 100 runners from Unites States have crossed the finish line. This number is expected to grow in the next few years. 9 Kenians run for 26.2 miles, all in the top 30. In term of performance, 21 athletes completed the Venice Marathon in less than 2h30, 306 in less than 3h00, 675 in less than 3h15, 1490 in less than 3h30, 3491 in less than 4h.
Contrary to the original expectations, the race did not arrive in Piazza San Marco, due to weather condition. The weather was excellent for runners, with 13 degree Celtius, but due to acqua alta in Piazza San Marco, the race has been changed at the last minute. Details on what you can expect in Venice can be found on the Venice Marathon live experience.

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