Sunday, October 10, 2010

Results at the Italian 10.10.10 marathons: Carpi, Garda Lake Marathon and Cagliari

Three marathons have been run this 10.10.10 week-end in Italy.

In term of ranking, the main competition was among 2 marathons: Carpi and Lake Garda Marathon, one of the oldest and the youngest in Italy. Interesting enough, the two marathons are pretty closed from each other. The 2 starting lines are indeed far less than 125 miles (see distance from Limone to Maranello) and the arrival lines are only 87 miles far away (see distance from Malcesine to Carpi).

As already clear from last year results, where the calendar did not overlap, Carpi Marathon got the highest technical result, with the Kenian Malakwen Paul Kosgei completing the 26.2 miles in 2h09:00 minutes, and the coverage from the television and the internet. The full marathon was available at Rai Sport website. However, this year, there was a 16.7% reduction in attendance from runners: only 877 completed the full marathon. 116 foreign runners completed the full marathon, representing 31 countries (31 from Finland, 15 from the UK, 11 from Kenia of which Gladys Jebet, the last Kenian, arrived 18th, 8 from France, 5 from Switzerland and Germany).

At the Lake Garda marathon, the reduction was only of 10.6% compared to last year, with 1383 runners at the finish line. Pietro Colnaghi from Italy was 1000 euro, completing the marathon in 2h28:20. 30 of the top 100 runners were international, proving that the Lake Garda is considered a great place to run.

Finally, in Sardinia, there was the first edition of Cagliari Marathon, with 135 runners completing the race. This is an amazing result, taking into account that the first press release on the marathon was available only on the 9th of August 2010. Filippo Lo Piccolo, already 7th in Treviso in March in 2h19, won the marathon in 2h32:55 and got 3000 euro from the jackpot, very high to target higher level of runners. Cagliari will for sure be in a position to compete with larger marathon, thanks to its nice location and with some international marketing.

Since few readers are interested to see the full results, you can find below the 10.10.2010 rankings.
Lake Garda Marathon 10.10.2010 Ranking
Carpi Italian Marathon 10.10.2010 Ranking
Cagliari Marathon 10.10.2010 Ranking

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