Saturday, September 25, 2010

2010 Palermo Marathon: 14 countries at the starting line

PALERMO, September 20 – There are already athletes from 14 countries who will participate to the sixteenth edition of the Palermo marathon in Sicily on Sunday 21 November 2010. Among the nations, leading the pack is France with 50 runners, followed by United States (35). Apart from athletes participating from countries already present last year (Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Morocco, Kenya, Ethiopia, England, Germany), Palermo will see at its starting points also runners from Canada and Hungary, but also two athletes from India.

The Palermo Marathon route is 2-lap 13.1 miles, with a flat race, with some elevation in the first part of the race. In the following link the Garmin track of the Palermo Marathon route.
In this link you can find the Palermo Marathon 2009 results.

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