Saturday, September 4, 2010

2 important Italian marathons have been cancelled in 2010

Unfortunately, few weeks ago, the organizers of 2 of the top 30 Italian Marathons have been cancelled for 2010. On one side, the Marengo Marathon in Alessandria, due on the 17th of October 2010, will not be maintained in 2010 for personal problems of the organizers. In 2009 223 people arrived to the finish line of the Marathon, while 450 participated to the Half Marathon. The marathon is known for its flat course and enticed participants with fast results in ideal weather conditions.

The Marengo Marathon is run in Alessandria, city in the North-West of Italy, with 100 thousand inhabitants. The name of the marathon related to the "Battle of Marengo" which is one of the most famous battle of Napoleon in Italy. The General won against the Austrian army and regained the domain of Italy.

The Ravenna Marathon, scheduled for November 14th has also been cancelled.

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