Sunday, February 19, 2012

2012 Results at the Verona Half Marathon event

More than 4,800 runners have enrolled to the 5th edition of the Verona Romeo and Juliet half marathon, representing the third one in Italy this year, after Rome-Ostia and Stramilano. 

Kenian Kipyeko, running at the average pace of 2 minutes and 59 seconds /km, crossed first at the finish line in 1h02’37’’, followed by the youngest Kenian Ndiwa, in 1h02’50’’. At the third position the Italian runner Ruggero Pertile in 1h04’38’’, fourth Giovanni Gualdi, in 1h05’49’, then Roman Weger and Tahari Mohamed Raphael arrived in 1h09’02’’.

Last year 3,303 runners arrived at the finish line, while in 2012, 3,411 runners have completed the race (+3.6% versus last year)

Below you can find the link to the 2012 Verona half marathon results

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