Monday, January 17, 2011

5 reasons to run the 2011 Milan City Marathon

This has been posted by the Milan City Marathon more than twelve months ago, but we believe it is still representing great reasons to participate to this event. 
Below you can find 5 compelling arguments to enroll to the 11th edition of the Milan City Marathon on April 10th 2011:

1. Because it has the fastest race course in Italy (the race record’s improves every year, in 2008 Duncan Kibet has stopped the clock at chronometer on the time of 2:07’53’’). From this year it will be at the beginning of the race season.

2. It is the chance to discover a city that is always on the run, at a different pace: you will be able to combine sport and tourism, seeing the monuments and the beauties of this unique city.

3. You will cross in the center of Milan and get the opportunity to shop in the world´s most fashionable city. You will be able to run side by side with people from the world of the fashion, politics and show business. Milan will host the Expo 2015.

4. Because everyone can run Milan: if you cannot complete enough training to run the full 42,195 Km you will be able to run the half marathon, or run with your friends in the relay marathon! There is one finish line for all the race distances: the iconic Piazza Castello 
in the heart of Milan.

5. Milan is the most well connected city in the world, besides the low cost flights there are hotel package deals that will allow you to spend a weekend in Milan for a reasonable price. 

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