Friday, December 24, 2010

2010 Pisa Marathon: the snow, the ice and the missing information

As all readers know, the 2010 Pisa Marathon has been cancelled. More than 1900 runners, participating to the whole marathon or to the half marathon did not have the chance to run on Sunday 9am in Piazza dei miracoli. After moving the schedule from May to December, the Pisa Marathon organizers found their way to get additional runners on this beautiful competition. Looking at the 2009 results and the vagary of the weather in the north of Italy and in general in Europe, it is obvious that it was both a risky proposition and it provides high rewards. In May 2009 less then 900 people completed the 2 events, while this year enrollment doubled. Even in our site, Marathon Ranking, the 2009 Pisa Marathon live experience is one of the top 5 read articles ever.
Reading the Pisa Marathon site, reasons do not not seem clear. Obviously, there was the snow. On Friday 17th, it was snowing in the whole North of Italy, including Pisa. On Saturday however, situation looked better, and it was likely that the following day the competition would have been confirmed.  The first decision that the organization has proposed was running the Marathon on a 7km circuit, all runners received a text message about it in the afternoon. However, at the end of the day, it was obvious that the big ice in Piazza dei Miracoli did not allow to run safely an international competition.  
It has been confirmed on the Pisa Marathon site, that all runners participating to the 2010 edition, will automatically be enrolled to the next edition, without paying any additional fees. Clearly, it is still necessary to confirm your intention to participate on the Pisa marathon 2011 website. The next edition of the Pisa Marathon will be held on the 18th of December 2011, according to the Italian Athletic Federation schedule.
If you have trained for the Pisa Marathon and you would like to run after Christmas, our advice is to enroll to the 8th edition of the Brembo Marathon, which is clearly an unique race, organized by runners for runners. On the 6th of January 2011, you can come with a Ryanair flight to Orio al Serio and join this wonderful marathon at Roncola di Treviolo, Bergamo. As of the 24th of December, 115 runners enrolled to the Marathon (129 to the half marathon).

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