Friday, April 9, 2010

2010 Collemar marathon: almost 800 runners already enrolled

Almost 800 runners have already registered on the Collemarathon website and will participate to the May 2nd 2010 event. This number is certainly expected to grow and it is easy to imagine that the day of the event more than 1000 runners will take part to the eight edition of this exciting marathon. It is also possible to beat the 2009 number of enrollment. We expect that more than 800 runners will arrive at the finish line in Fano in May 2010, confirming the 12th position in the Italian marathon ranking.

Like last year, however, the number of foreign runners have been reduced, most likely because they got attracted by most famous marathons, heavily advertised abroad. This is pretty unfortunate, since they will will lose the opportunity to participate in an event of undeniable charm that brings athletes from the hills to the sea in the Marche region, by beautiful villages and views across the region. Although the Collemar marathon is fast growing in Italy, it is still maintaining an human dimension and makes all of them at ease, thanks to the great efficiency of the organization.

To learn more about this marathon and its strengths and weaknesses, you can read the Collemar Marathon 2009 live experience.

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