Saturday, February 27, 2010

Trieste 2010 Bavisela marathon: toward the highest number of enrollments?

Yesterday the Trieste marathon organizers have published the first data on 2010 marathon enrollments. Pretty interesting to notice that there will be a group of runners coming directly from Tokyo to run the 2010 Bavisela 11th edition, which will take place on the 2nd of May 2010.
So far, between the European Marathon, the two castles half marathon there are already 500 enrollments, 25% of which coming from Italy, followed by Slovenians, Austrians, Germans and many other countries. The total numbers of represented countries are 22, but the expectation is that this number will grow further in coming months, as the statisticians suggest that the number of enrollments increases exponentially the last few days preceding the event.
"Among the most interesting data for the 2010 edition, we have already recorded the entries of a group of about thirty people from the Belgium Royal Marines and as many runners arriving from Tokyo. All have experienced the event thanks to our marketing campaign during other events - says the president of Bavisela Enrico Benedetti. "Enrollment have been have recorded from the United States and throughout Europe, both from Austria and Germany and even France, Spain and many countries of Northern Europe."

The extensive promotional campaigns that Bavisela have started few years ago have encouraged a large percentage of enrollment from outside Italy. Until now the Trieste marathon has been advertized worldwide in other marathons, through brochures and personal staff, have touched around the world. More than 200 thousand people have been contacted directly, in Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia, United States, France, Japan and beyond. Before the big event in May 2nd, the Trieste Marathon organized will be part of additional events abroad, expecting to reach addditional 90 thousand contacts.

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