Sunday, March 25, 2012

2012 Stramilano Results

During last week of March 2011, two major running events took place in Italy.

First of all, the second largest half marathon in the country, Stramilano, takes place this morning at 10:45am from Piazza Duomo. This is the 41st edition and more than 5,200 runners expected to participate to the competitive race. On the other side, around 50,000 took part to the non competitive one.

Moreover, the Ferrara Marathon started back with a different route, inside the city that has been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. The athletes had the chance to run inside the Castello Estense, very closed to the finish line in the center of the city. 

Since few readers are interested to see the full results, you can find below this morning results:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Results and statistics at the 18th edition of Rome Marathon 2012

It was supposed to be a good day to break the 2009 Rome Marathon record, which was achieved by Benjamin Kiptoo in 2h07'17. But wind in the final part of the marathon did not allow the Kenian Luka Kanda to complete it below 2h08 (2h08'04' was the final timing). Kanda was followed by compatriot Samson Barmao (2:08:52) and Ethiopian Abebe Demssew Tsega (2:10:47). The first Italian was Carmine Buccilli with a time of 2:25:03. For women, as predicted, the favorite Hellen Kimutai won, with a finish time of 2:31:09. After the Kenyan, Ethiopian Bekele Ashete (2:31:22) and Russia's Marina Kovalyova (2:31:51). It was a very good edition with 80'000 participants on all events, and 12'685 finishers (+0.3% against last year) completing the marathon (12'614 runners arrived at the finish line in 2011). This represents a compounded growth average rate of 1.3% over the last 5 years. 

Ironically, the route was changed this year, to eliminate few windy avenues. After passing along the Tiber, the  marathoners reached the Parioli hill and Piazza del Popolo and finally jump to the finish banner in Via dei Fori Imperiali. The new 8.5 km route passes through the Olympic Village, Acqua Acetosa, Auditorium Music Park Avenue, before heading for Julius Caesar avenue and Via Cola di Rienzo. 

You can find below the ranking for the 18th edition of the Rome Marathon: 2012 Rome Marathon Ranking.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

2012 Rome Marathon on Internet

Starting from 8:00 am this Sunday March 18th, worldwide runners can watch the 18th edition of the Rome Marathon. The Rome Marathon can be watched on Internet through the YouTube at the 2012 Rome Marathon Live Internet link.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Results at the fifth edition of the Lake Maggiore Half Marathon

At his debut in the half marathon, the Ethiopian Belaya Bedede won the fifth edition of the Lago Maggiore Half Marathon, completing the 21.1km in 1h01 minute, beating 4 Kenians, Edwin Kipyego, Charles Waweru, Michael Mutai and Jackson Munyao. The first non African was the Australian Clinton Perrett who finished in 1h03:40 seconds and achieved his personal Best. More than 1,800 runners took part this morning to the competition, one of the most successful and scenic course in Italy. Due to their unique characteristics, the half marathon will most likely become in the top 5 in Italy next few years. Unfortunately for the first time, we saw a decrease in participation. To give an idea, the first edition in 2008, already 1413 runners crossed the finish line, while the number increased to 1928 in 2009 (+36.4%), to 2024 in 2010 (+4.9%), to 2160 in 2011 (+6.7%). 

At the same time, 1798 (mostly) Italian runners participated to the 7th Edition of the Half Marathon on the 2 Pearls, with the Italian Daniele Meucci winning in 1h05:11.

Below you can find the link to the 2012 Lago Maggiore Half marathon results.
(*) please note that for technical reasons, results are still not fully available on the site.
Below you can find the link to the 2012 Portofino Half Marathon.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Results at the 9th Treviso Marathon and Placentia Marathon

During this week-end, two marathons took place for International runners willing to run in Italy.

First, the 9th edition of the Treviso Marathon took also place. Almost 2700 runners have enrolled to this  edition, and 2040 (6% less than last year) completed the competition. Clearly Treviso has a downhill route, allowing the possibility to generate personal best. The Kenian Chemchir won in 2h15:06 seconds, 2 minutes more than last year. Karlsson, the top runner from Island, who will be partecipating to the Olympics games arrived third in 2h18:52. Secondly, 485 runners completed the Placentia Marathon.

Since few readers are interested to see the full results, you can find below this morning results:


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