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2010 Top 10 Italian Marathons

If you want to run a marathon in Italy, this is giving you an indication on the top marathons in this country, where you can mix your running interests with visiting beautiful cities.
To see the complete list of Italian Marathon Ranking, you can simply click on the link. At this link, you can also see 2009 Italian Marathon Ranking. Finally, we have also published the ranking for Italian marathons preferred by international runners

The top 10 Italian Marathons
Below you can find the ranking for the top 10 Italian marathons, based on numbers of people arrived at the finished line. It was difficult to compare the enrollment, since few marathons have considered also half marathon into the numbers.
All data are based upon TDS Live or SDAM statistics, measured with latest technologies.

Top Ten Italian Marathons by participants


1. Rome Marathon: enrolled 12100, arrived 11007
(Mar 15 2009, source)
This is the Rome Marathon live experience.

2. Florence Marathon: enrolled 10104, arrived 8220
(Nov 30 2009, source)
This is the Florence Marathon live experience.

3. Venice Marathon: enrolled 6491, arrived 5542
(Oct 26 2009, source)
This is the Venice Marathon live experience.

4. Milan City Marathon: enrolled 5875, arrived 4095
(Nov 23 2008, source and here)

5. Treviso Marathon: enrolled 4076, arrived 2857
(Mar 29 2009, source)
This is the Treviso Marathon live experience.

6. Reggio Emilia: enrolled 2745, arrived 2440
(Dec 13 2009, source)
This is the Reggio Emilia Marathon live experience.

7. Padua Marathon: arrived 2154
(Apr 26 2009, source)
This is the Padua Marathon live experience.

8. Verona Marathon: arrived 1710 
(Feb 21 2010, source)

9. Turin Marathon: arrived around 2000
(Apr 19 2009, source)
This is the Turin Marathon live experience.

10: Lake Garda Marathon: enrolled >1600, arrived 1547
(Sept 27 2009, source)

11. Carpi Italian Marathon: enrolled 1440, arrived 1055
(Oct 11 2009, source)

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